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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Happy Spring, dear friends!

I wanted to share with you this warm and yummy dish I made tonight. It's one of those MEAT AND POTATOES meals that (all the) men I know want their wives to make. Trust me, ladies! This one is a keeper! Your guys will love you for it!
Now, I had to keep the cheese part of the meal a secret until after my man ate his fair share. Why? He is not a fan of swiss cheese. I never thought I was either.
But this ham and potato casserole changed all that!
Even my youngest daughter assured us repeatedly (when she saw it) that she didn't like it. (she had it once before) But somehow magically, she devoured not one, but two portions!
It's that good folks! When the kids and the husband like it, in my book, that's a keeper!!
So if you want this recipe, leave me a comment. I'll be sure to get it to you!

Enjoy your week!

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