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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hello Again Friends --
I promised I wouldn't keep you waiting for the new bathroom update. And here it is. Once again these pictures are coming out sideways. Not sure why. I guess a little neck stretching exercises are in order! HA!
I wanted bead board or plank walls, but instead I got it on my vanity. The marble top and fabulous stopper really make this little beauty get noticed. It's just the right fit for our small bathroom. And I just loved the addition of the trio of mirrors down the side.
It's all about the details, you know?
The walls are now sporting a wonderful grey paint. Do you remember the ugly 50's brick? NO MORE!! Hooray for Behr Porpoise. It really looks nice against the white toilet and vanity.
I love our new tile floor. It is so clean with hints of tan, grey and blue through it. Once I have my curtains up and all the layers added to the bathroom the colors and accessories should pull together nicely. I'm counting on it!
I spent most of the day shopping for a new shower curtain and window curtain. Came up empty. But I did find something that is going to add a great element to this little space. I'll take some pictures and be sure and show you in the next few days. 

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