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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Flood

Greetings and Salutations!
My man and I have been having a week! Let me tell you about it. Our township mandated a change in the way our wash water disposes to the outside. So my husband did research and carefully made the necessary changes. As a result of $$$ and time spent making these changes, our washing machine dumped three loads of dirty water into our carpeted basement.
Source:Augusta Rosa photostream
It still STINKS really bad.The professional carpet cleaners we called advised us not to use their services until the smell is gone. The smell means the carpet is still wet underneath and the shampooing will not solve that issue. So...we wait.
The blessing in all this was that I got a new sink downstairs. I have always wanted a bathroom downstairs, and so now I am halfway there! It's exciting for us to be in our craft/laundry room and get all messy and then just take a few steps and wash up at the sink.

The funny thing was, we BOTH forgot our 8th wedding anniversary Tuesday when this all happened. We remembered the next day and had a good laugh.
Hope your week has been a little less "adventurous!"

Stay dry ......

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  1. So sorry! What a mess. I hope you get it all cleaned up soon.