From somebody's trash to my treasure. I like to re-style & re-create what was once a cast off. Isn't that what Jesus does with us?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Into the New Year ...

Since I was little I was an actress. Acting in all my elementary school plays and musicals. A one-girl act in talent shows with the loving support and encouragement from my mom and grandma. My grandma was my seamstress. Always making my costumes. Always coming up with the creative ideas behind my talent. She was self-taught.The love of learning and creating flowing like blood through her veins. It seeped from her pores. Contagious. Then she came to know Jesus. What a Savior! Her conversations about Him as vibrant and glowing as if she had met Him in person. She did. One lonely night in the living room of her trailer. In front of the tv. Having witnessed the death and divorce of loved ones. Shattered hopes and dreams. A habit she needed to break. Friends she needed to make. There, my grandma met Jesus. 
 I majored in Communications in college. With an emphasis in broadcast journalism. Then two years later switching to print media. I dj'd a bit. Wrote for a town newspaper. And had hopes of editing Vogue or Mademoiselle magazines. (High hopes for a small town girl.) The Big Apple was gearing up for my arrival. 
Then I met Jesus. Not in the living room or by the tv. But in a quiet Wednesday night prayer meeting in my local church. Having witnessed the death and divorce of loved ones. Shattered hopes and dreams. A habit I needed to break. (or two or three) Friends I needed to make. Jesus met me there. I can remember singing, "I surrender All. All to Jesus, my precious Savior. I surrender all...." It's a beautiful hymn I've sung many times since. The Lord took me from majoring in magazines to majoring in missions. I traveled the world. Touching hearts and souls that were seeking. Seeking for what my grandma found. A love for Jesus. I left Him there to fill the bleeding holes in their hearts. Hoping  that my life was contagious enough. They wanted to know my story. HA! It's so simple. Hardly worth telling. Except when someone wants it. Wants Him. Then it's like blood flowing through their veins. His blood.. That covers all our sins. A must have. Essential. Contagious. 
Now I'm back on the mission field in my own home. Hoping to inspire two little girls that cling to my every word. They want to "be like me." I want their every breath to be Jesus. I want them to see the fire that still burns in my grandma's heart at 85 years old. Her walk with Jesus is still contagious. That's how I want to be. Yesterday. Today. In this New Year. Let's do it together!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have to say I have been giggling about this picture every time I look at it. I've told you the story! We got this hideous-looking Christmas tree this year. Last years was PERFECT. But this year ... Well, let's just say somebody had to have sympathy on the poor thing. And it had to be me! H A!

I tried to decorate it. Honestly. Nothing would help the thorny bush! And it was thorny too!! OUCH!!! I swear it drew blood!
Well, now the tree is history! It went out with the trash Monday. As in the day after Christmas! YEP! Normally our tree would grace our living room until New Years Day. But this year, hours after the presents were opened, and the glow was still on the children's faces, I was happily ridding our house of all the prickly needles and debris.
You know that wonderful evergreen, fresh scent that comes into the house with the tree? Well, this one didn't have one! Another reason I should have thought twice.

Are you gearing up for New Years? What plans do you have?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just Playing

Hope everyone had wonderful celebrations no matter how near or far you may be! We enjoyed some fun with my family and new niece this year; everyone vying to hold her. Now that the partying is over, it's back to RAIN here in PA. No snow to speak of. Oh Well!
 I am enjoying this new photo editing program I found online. It's called PhotoScape. It allows me to make  collages like the one above. I am so excited! I am a little slow at these kind of things, so this is a real breakthrough for me! You'll be sure to see more of this kinda thing here from now on!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

My White Winter Wonderland

Well, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Are you? Maybe you are surrounded by a wintery wonderland in your part of the world. How wonderful! Our forecast is calling for temps in the mid 40's with the slightest chance of flurries if we look hard enough! HA! A girl can make her own snow, right? I decided to surround my self with some indoor white since I don't have it outside! Let me give you a little "tour" of my indoor winter wonderland.
I was wonderfully surprised this Christmas! My mom and grandma came into my house and snuck this beautiful creamy, white, chippy lamp into my living room. RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE! But I didn't suspect a thing. Very Tricky!

I've recently re-organized my shelves in my home school area. I like the way they turned out. Now unto my desk!!
Have a very merry Christmas dear friends!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Go Build a Snowman

Merry Christmas Greetings to Everyone --
If you are traveling this week for the holidays, I wanted to give you this playful image of a snowman to take with you. Maybe it will give you something good to giggle about on your journey. Even if you are not traveling, this is something fun to relieve the hustle and bustle of the holidays!! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011


Dear Friends --
 I saw this wonderful picture on Pinterest and now I am so bent on finding me some crates! It would be the perfect solution to my family room storage issue. So far I have one crate ...only 15 more to go!
Another wonderful image on Pinterest today. Have you seen it too? I love the white and the simple starkness of it all. The white painted floor is fabulous. Now if I can just convince my Honey!! 
Isn't this idea so clever? I just love what this Pinterest artist did to create these paper roses for their Christmas package. It makes me want to go make some! Well, almost!
Merry Christmas to everyone! 
I hope your season is filled with Faith, Peace and Joy and most of all, the Love of Christ! 


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Food For Thought

"...And we only have what we give away, and all our hungry places are only fed by how we make our lives bread." -- Ann Voskamp
I've just been soaking in those wonderful words lately by the author of One Thousand Gifts. It's really an incredible story and life-inspiring read if you haven't picked it up yet.
I mentioned I was so excited about an upcoming event...I am thrilled to be teaching a class on decorating to a group of high schoolers next semester.It will be eight classes, an hour long.. I am thrilled and scared and praying for the Lord's help all at once. But so looking forward to it!!
Enjoying the season,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Glitter and Glam

Everything that sparkles was on my Christmas table Sunday. It was our progressive dinner party for our small church group. Have you ever been to a progressive party? They are so much fun.

I'll never forget the first one I went to in Dallas, Texas with my sister. The house was beautiful. The people we met there were Christians and so delightful and inviting to us strangers. Have you ever had a near-perfect occasion? This was one of those. Everyone was delightful. The surroundings were beautiful. The food was scrumptious. It was the Christmas season! 

In a progressive dinner you start out at somebody's house for appetizers for about 45 minutes. Then you travel to the next house for the main course. The third house offers the desserts. We have always played the white elephant game at all our progressive parties. I love the "stealing" part. It really gets the party started! Does anyone understand what I mean? Have you been to one of those? It's not so much fun unless someone is willing to playfully "steal" the other guest's opened gift. If that idea bothers you, be assured that nobody goes home without a gift. The one stolen from always gets to choose another gift. The banter and laughter fill the room like the presents and people at the party.
Enjoy your festivities as you make your way through the Christmas season!
Stay tuned: I can't wait to share with you one of my newest "ventures"! 


Friday, December 2, 2011

Ahhh.... Christmas

I love Christmas, don't you? 

We have our outside lights up. Lights on two trees and a sweet little tree with lights in our sun room that can be seen from the road. It's all so glorious! The girls are getting so excited!  How is your family decorating?
Last year we bought a $40 Christmas tree and so this year we decided to save that money and cut down our own in my mother's woods. I wish you could have been there. It was a hoot. As it turned out it was just me cutting down the tree!
Thankfully it was a not-so-cold day and it was the first "little" pine I saw and I didn't have to go far. I say little with a laugh because in my living room it does not look so little. Now I am asking myself how I ever thought it would fit. It does. BARELY.

I have to say it is bar far the UGLIEST tree we have ever put up. I felt sad for it. It was free. Destined to be in my living room. If I have the courage I will take a picture of it. Even with decorations on it, it doesn't help!
But somebody had to love it, right? 
I guess it was meant to be!
Merry Holidays!!